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All of these are specs and will probably never see the light of day -

they're here to give you an idea what type of stories I'm drawn to.

As An Actress

Biopic, 109 pages -- English

In 1971, young French model Maria Schneider gets cast in Bertolucci’s scandal-ridden "Last Tango in Paris" next to an imposing Marlon Brando. Starstruck and inexperienced, Maria finds herself torn between what she wants and how much she is willing to swallow for her breakthrough as an actress.

WINNER - New Renaissance Film Festival A
WINNER - FEEDBACK Female Film Festival F

Serie, Supernatural Stadtkrimi  -- Deutsch

Dunkelweiss ist ein Krimi mit Twist... ein dunkles und fantastisches Serienkonzept über eine Welt, in der Charaktere und Wesen aus Österreichischen Sagen und Legenden existieren und vor einer modernen Wiener Kulisse zum Leben erwachen.

Mithilfe des belesenen Uniassistenzprofessors Theo Ringwald ermittelt die junge Polizistin Roxi Herbst in mysteriösen Fällen gegen ein Aufgebot altbekannter Sagengestalten: das Donauweibchen, das als Sirene unvorsichtige Männer in die Fluten lockt, den Basilisken, der in der Kanalisation Wiens sein todbringendes Antlitz verbirgt, oder auch den Rattenfänger, der aus Rache die Kinder der Stadt verschwinden lässt.


Mystery Series -- English

co-author Kayne Gorney

A washed-up former private eye is hired to investigate the murder of a handsome park ranger in the eerie town of Bitterroot, Montana.

Bitterroot is an idiosyncratic mystery about the elasticity of trust at a time of uncertainty and scepticism.

WINNER - Slamdance Screenplay Competitio

Status: script available

Status: pilot script & pitch deck available

Status: pilot script & pitch deck available

Horror, 90 pages -- English

co-author Kayne Gorney

While on tour in Japan, a meek opening act must survive a zombie outbreak caused by the asswipe headliners. It’s grunge versus hair metal in this apocalyptic thigh-slapper.

Three Stripes Vs. Cat of Prey

Drama -- English

It's loosely-goosley based on the unbelievably ridiculous fraternal shitshow that was adidas vs. Puma. It's a boys' tale... about shoes.

Michelangelo Builds a

Historical Drama, 106 pages -- English

When 19-year-old homeless Michelangelo is commissioned to build a snowman for his gloating Medici foster brother he must outwit thugs sent by the guild, appease his disapproving father, and accept all that’s going to remain of his masterpiece… is a puddle. 

Based on Whimsical True Events

Status: script available

Status: vomit drafting

Status: rewriting

WINNER - A Night of Horror International Film Festival - Unproduced Feature Screenplay.png
FINALIST - 13HORROR.COM Film  Screenplay Contest - 2022.png
SEMIFINALIST - Raindance Script Competition - HorrorThriller.png
Big in Japan
GENRE FINALIST - Outstanding Screenplays Feature Competition - Best True Story  Public Dom
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