As An Actress

Biopic, 101 pages -- English

In 1971, young French model Maria Schneider gets cast in Bertolucci’s scandal-ridden "Last Tango in Paris" next to an imposing Marlon Brando. Starstruck and inexperienced, Maria finds herself torn between what she wants and how much she is willing to swallow for her breakthrough as an actress.

Status: script available


Serie, Fantasy/Procedural  -- Deutsch

Dunkelweiss ist ein Krimi mit Twist... ein dunkles und fantastisches Serienkonzept über eine Welt, in der Charaktere und Wesen aus Österreichischen Sagen und Legenden existieren und vor einer modernen Wiener Kulisse zum Leben erwachen.

Mithilfe des belesenen Uniassistenzprofessors Theo Ringwald ermittelt die junge Polizistin Roxi Herbst in mysteriösen Fällen gegen ein Aufgebot altbekannter Sagengestalten: das Donauweibchen, das als Sirene unvorsichtige Männer in die Fluten lockt, den Basilisken, der in der Kanalisation Wiens sein todbringendes Antlitz verbirgt, oder auch den Rattenfänger, der aus Rache die Kinder der Stadt verschwinden lässt.

Status: script & series bible available

Ex Vitro

Sci-Fi, 115 pages -- English

In a world where infertility haunts mankind and 99% of the world's population are female, soldier Sandrine finds her son and husband missing. She set out to find them, stumbling across the terrible truth that lies underneath the fertility clinic.

Status: script available

SWAC - Year One

Young Adult Series, Sci-Fi -- English

When troubled fifteen-year-old Kiwi Rhosa gets recruited into SWAC, the prestigious Space Wings Academy for Intergalactic Diplomacy, she has to face not only the dilemmas of teenage life in a spaceship boarding school and her own inadequacies, but also the dark secrets and ominous threats lurking behind locked doors. A teenage-driven Sci-Fi epic (“Hogwarts in Space”) in which a young girl must accept her unique gifts while uncovering the mysteries of her past.

Status: pilot script available

Zero Ways of Finding My Body

Black Comedy, 104 pages -- English

The lives of several men and women intersect through life and death as they spiral inevitably toward each other and their ultimate demise. It's a life-affirming collage about death -with bunnies.

Status: script available

The Giant's Architect

Biopic, 108 pages -- English

In 1919, Julia Morgan - America’s first independent, full-time woman architect - is commissioned by William Randolph Hearst to build “a little something” on the hill at San Simeon. Little does she know what the collaboration with her fickle client will entail, and that she will have to sacrifice health and sanity to construct what is now known as Hearst Castle.

Status: optioned, Hyde Park Entertainment, Los Angeles

Cherry Blossom Juniper

Western, 115 pages -- English

In 1875 Virginia, a young Chinese-American feisty-skirt signs up for the annual schützenfest trap shooting competition in order to win money for a plastic eye surgery. Not only does she accidentally woo a short-sighted endearing piano player, but also has to fight against the local Mafiosi.

Status: script available


Biopic – English/Deutsch

In order to lift his clothing company out of bankruptcy, German business owner Hugo Boss joins the Nazi party in the 1930s. With WWII on the horizon, he is to produce the skull-adorned uniforms for the most dreaded paramilitary organization of the Third Reich, the SS – an assignment that will change his business, his reputation, and himself, forever.


Feature + Series, Historical Drama, 150 pages -- English

Empress Sisi’s iron will and visionary spirit ruffles the Viennese court. Orchidaceous Rustimo, an intelligent gift to her Majesty by the Shah of Persia, unbridles her passions and redeems her ambitious ideas to jilt European aristocratic entitlement in favor of new money in a ferocious world of intrigue, etiquette and obedience.

Status: 3-pager available

Status: feature script and pitch upon request - World Entertainment, Los Angeles

Type Writer

Historical Drama – English/Deutsch

Post-WW II Germany: the female industrial workforce has to yield their economic autonomy to accommodate the returning men. Supplanted into the position of low-rank secretary, former ammunition factory worker Lena Schulz struggles to find her place in the new world – manifested in her despise for the slow, rusty type writer on her desk. When she deploys her expertise to fix mechanical shortcomings, the results lead to ground-breaking technical developments as well as the first Typing World Championship.

Status: outlining

Ice Wanderer

Fairy Tale/Fantasy, 107 pages -- English

Cursed by a deadly ice witch, a young charming mountaineer struggles on the path to true love as he is faced with fighting his immortal foe. In an adaptation from Hans Christian Andersen's Swiss short story, this adult adventure is not for the faint of heart.

Die Gilde

Action Serie -- Deutsch

Im urbanen Dschungel Wiens wird die Handlangerin eines Unternehmers von einer Geheimorganisation instrumentalisiert, um ihren machtgeilen Boss zu Fall zu bringen.

Die Gilde ist eine impulsive, female-driven Action-Dystopie über Machtverhältnisse in einer Welt voller Korruption und Käuflichkeit.

Status: script available

Status: pitching

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