Bio, Bits & Bobs

I was born in an Austrian steel town on what was allegedly the foggiest Thursday witnessed by anyone, ever. After a cinema-ridden adolescence I had planned to study film but wasn’t accepted into film school. Instead, I studied literature and gender studies and spent a lot of time abroad, specifically in Scotland, New Zealand, and Malta. After an entirely avoidable PhD, during which I learned to read and write like a weasel, I luckily went on to study and teach Screenwriting at the University of New Orleans. I then undertook an audacious foray to Los Angeles and eventually returned to less high-strung Austria in 2016.

I’ve since written - somewhat trilingually - for Austrian, German, and American production companies and TV broadcasters and managed to scoop up a few awards and accolades along the way.

I write everything, as long as it’s...

- Quirky, edgy, brazen

- Historical, Biographical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery

- Dark humor, deadpan

- Female-driven

Recent movies and shows that left my heart fuller and my jaw on the floor...




Judy & Punch

The Queen’s Gambit


The Boys

Black Mirror

The Sandman

Promising Young Woman

All time favorites...

Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy

Indiana Jones: Last Crusade

That Thing You Do


Guilty pleasures...

The Meg

Starship Troopers


Writers I admire...

Susannah Grant

Caroline Thompson

Sally Wainwright

Graham Linehan

Taika Waititi

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Emerald Fennell

Neil Gaiman

Martin McDonagh

Krysty Wilson-Cairns