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Bio, Bits & Bobs

I was born in an Austrian steel town on what was allegedly the foggiest Thursday witnessed by anyone, ever. After a cinema-ridden adolescence I had planned to study film but wasn’t accepted into film school. Instead, I studied literature and gender studies and spent a lot of time abroad, specifically in Scotland, New Zealand, and Malta. After an entirely avoidable PhD, during which I learned to read and write like a weasel, I luckily went on to study and teach Screenwriting at the University of New Orleans. I then undertook an audacious foray to Los Angeles and eventually returned to less high-strung Austria in 2016.

I’ve since written - somewhat trilingually - for Austrian, German, and American production companies, broadcasters, and streamers and managed to scoop up a few awards and accolades along the way.

I write everything, as long as it’s...

- Quirky, edgy, bone-dry

- Historical, Biographical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Crime

- Female-driven

Recent movies and shows that left my heart fuller and my jaw on the floor...





The Boys

Mythic Quest

Derry Girls


Cinematic comfort food...

The Mummy

That Thing You Do

Hot Fuzz

Guilty pleasures...

The Meg

A Knight's Tale

Never Have I Ever

Writers I admire...

Susannah Grant

Caroline Thompson

Sally Wainwright

Graham Linehan

Taika Waititi

Neil Gaiman

Martin McDonagh

Krysty Wilson-Cairns

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